Top 5 mail apps for your iPhone



With new email apps launching every now and then and finally the option to delete the stock apps, we look beyond the Mail app (Native app). With so many different alternatives in the app store, it is difficult to choose the top 5. But, then these apps offer a lot more than their counterparts.


  1. Spark                                                                                                   After waiting for such a long time, finally, I got to use the perfect mail app for my iPhone. The app itself looks absolutely fresh with a clutter-free layout. Smart Inbox, one of the best features of the app seperates important emails from notifications and newsletters. With a glance, you could basically delete the heaps of newsletters you receive daily with one swipe. Spark even allows you to toggle between your signatures with just a swipe. Just want to reply to an email, but don’t have enough time. Use the quick reply feature. It also lets you personalize from how you swipe for an action to the number of emails you want to see. Spark is my number one email app for now and the default one on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook.


2. Email – EasilyDo Mail
Except for the fact that it does not have a smart inbox and an app for the Apple watch, I just love this app. To begin with, it is super fast. The app’s forte is its assistant (not a surprise as the app comes from the makers of EasilyDo assistant). From unsubscribing with a touch of a button from those newsletters to tracking your packages instantly, from updates on last minute flight delays or changes to organizing your bills/receipts and entertainment, this app does everything. If you do not care much about a smart inbox, you don’t have to look any further. With future updates, this is not going to be a big thing to fix.


3. Alto
Coming third with its own list of features is Alto. The app comes with its own dashboard which holds a various cards giving ready to glance information on shopping, travel, birthdays and even the weather. Stacks is the other good feature of the app which basically organizes itself depending on what it is rather than who it is from. (Example: Stacks for Photos, files, finance, social etc.). One other good part of Alto mail is that it also comes with its own web version. All emails at one place on the web. But, it does not have an app for the Apple watch.


4. Outlook
Before I downloaded Spark, I was very happy with the outlook mail app. Similar to that of Spark, Outlook app had the focused and other mails. But, then some of my important emails often sneaked to the other section. This is not a big issue if you decide to choose notifications for all emails in the settings. The calendar integration is pretty good. Very professional look but gets boring on the eyes. There are a few personalization options though not as much as Spark especially there are just two different options for Swipe (Delete and archive).


5. Airmail app
Unlike all the above apps, Airmail app is a paid app. The app costs $4.99. This is one of the main reasons why it is at the 5th place. Otherwise, Airmail app is a powerhouse. It’s super fast search rises it high above all other email apps including Apple’s very own mail app which is way down in the list. Its unending list of integrations with a lot of task and calendar apps also works in its favor. If you do have a few extra bucks to spare, why not try the Airmail app?