Tesla tops the owner satisfaction survey



When it comes to high-tech cars, there is no one better than TESLA. But now, they have also proved their mettle with respect to the car owner satisfaction. Owners are going to swept off their feet the moment they see the car itself. Their cars are nothing short of a space ship. The car comes with a 17″ touchscreen that is bigger than most of the laptops screens available in the market, the absolute customization that is possible, loads of interior room, the gorgeous exterior and obviously the environment friendliness and the list is endless. To provide all of these and still come with the ever expanding network of free Supercharger stations that can recharge the car to near full range within an hour, there is no wonder that they shot up to number one in the owner satisfaction surveys conducted by Consumer reports Survey.
Earlier, Elon Musk also tweeted that by the end of next week Tesla will be ready to roll out most of the Autopilot functionality for HW2(Hardware 2). Way 2 go TESLA.