Reply to your great question on Twitter – Jack Dorsey

Just an user's perspective


Unlike many tech leaders, Jack Dorsey wants to know from its users how twitter can be improved. I was thinking for the past 12 hours since I read his tweet. More than what twitter could create, I’m interested in telling what twitter could improve.

Dear Jack,

Twitter is a great platform for us to express ourselves. The brilliance of the platform is the reason why there are still so many users who prefer to stick to the platform. With the concept of expressing ourselves in a few characters actually helps us to understand that it is important to say less and hear/read more. I know that every minute of your time is worth a lot. So, let me just get down to the point.


Lets say I want to tweet and I would like to embed one of my older tweets in it. How would I do it? For now, I need to search or go to that tweet and copy the link or copy the embed link and paste it. If at all there is an easier solution, am not aware of it as an user. So, my main argument is the interface is not very user friendly in certain areas. Many of the tweets do have an older tweet embedded in them. I would suggest to have an embed option near the tweet box next to the option to attach a picture maybe. When someone chooses the embed option, it could show up a dialog box with a search option on the top followed by my most recent tweets. The moment I choose the right tweet, it gets embedded automatically. Is this difficult? I don’t think so. Anything that is intuitive. That’s all.


Second thing is to have a particular symbol to indicate the verified twitter accounts of celebrities so that we don’t have to enter the twitter page with similar twitter handles to know if that is the official page of that celebrity. For example, when I search for David Beckham, there are so many twitter handles with David Beckham in them. For now, I need to browse to know which is the official twitter handle of David Beckham or read the description of the handle to know it. I know most of the times the official handle shows up first in the list. But, there are times that this might not be the case.


Anyhow, these are just my observations. I know you might have lots of other tweets from users to tell you what they think you could include or improve. To conclude, please try to start over completely from the design to the features and small things like these could pop up out of the blue. Thanks for putting forward the question. Great job. Happy New year to everyone at Twitter!