One of the best headphones you might have never heard of

I’m not an audiophile who is going to bore you with the highs and lows and tonal balances explanation of how to buy headphones. Am just an average buyer like you. My first Beats headphones were getting old and the leather was getting torn. I started looking for good replacement headphones. I tried many headphones on but wasn’t intrigued by most. After I watched a lot of Youtube videos, read a lot of reviews and got to test some of the headphones, I decided to buy the PSB M4U 2 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones (Black). It has been almost 3 years since I bought these headphones.


Entering the 300$ price tag, it was difficult to decide on something which is not marketed as good as Bose or Beats or the Sennheiser. But, finally trying to decide between the Sennheiser momentum and the PSB M4U2s, I’m glad that I went with the M4U2. It was a tough decision though. Ok, now let me come down to why I bought the M4U2.


Sennheiser momentum sounded very good to say no to. But, then the over the ear model was not too comfortable for people who don’t have really small ears. So, PSB was an easier decision in this regard. The moment I tried the M4U2s, I really liked them. First of all these are great sounding headphones with added active noise cancellation than the other way around. Why I say this? With respect to ANC, you cannot argue that Bose Quiet-comforts do the best job. PSB has a lot to catch up with Bose in the ANC department.But, then when it comes to music, PSB turns the table around. I tried the headphones over various music genres. To me none sounded too bright or brittle. In fact these headphones provide dynamic, wide and sets a deep soundstage. This allows you to listen to great details. If you are a bass-head, these might not be the right headphones for you. You would be better off with the Sony or Beats. This does not mean that the bass is bad in these phones. The bass is precise. One of the other main features that made me incline towards PSB was the passive mode. One of the biggest problems with many of the noise-cancelling headphones was the fact that you couldn’t use the headphones when the battery runs out. With PSB M4U2, you don’t have this problem. You could put the headphone on passive mode and continue listening. You might hear some external noise but then at least you don’t have to stop listening to the music till you get your hands on new batteries.


Too good to sound real. Obviously, after using the headphones for 3 years, there are some quirks. First of all, these headphones are on the heavier side. Close to 400 grams, they start making you feel a bit uncomfortable over extended periods of use. You’ll realize this especially when you travel a lot. I used to travel cross Atlantic once every 2 months. Sitting on those 14 hour long flights to Sao Paulo, I just loved the PSBs. But, after a few hours of continuous usage, my neck used to hurt a bit. But, the real pleasure of using these headphones for their immaculate sound quality just made me forget the temporary discomfort. One thing is for sure, with better noice-canceling, slightly sleeker design and a few grams lighter, these headphones could easily top the charts.