No recommendation ratings for the new MacBook Pros

Results of the Consumer reports' MacBook Pro battery life tests are out



The new MacBook Pros have had their own set of issues with their battery life. There have been complaints popping up online on Apple forums since their launch in November 2016. Consumer reports did repeated tests of the battery life on three models of the new MacBook Pros but got highly inconsistent results from one test to the other.


As per CR, the normal variation between the tests should not be more than 5%. The average of the test results’ measurements is taken for the final results. But due to the high inconsistency in the results for the MacBook Pros, CR found that all three models of the MacBook Pros fail to meet their recommendation standards.


Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller tweeted that Apple is working with CR to understand the battery tests carried out by CR as the results do not match Apple’s extensive lab tests or field data. No other officials statements have been made available yet.