My 5 favorite tech Vlogs



Living in the era of youtube, we hardly get time to get off Youtube or Social media to get to the TV. For most of my tech information, I follow these 5 tech Vlogs. They are very well known and have loads of followers. Let’s cut to the chase.


Unbox Therapy:

Lewis Hilsenteger is funny, has close to 1100 videos and close to 7 million subscribers in his channel. The best part of his videos is the actual unboxing of the gadgets. He lets you have the same experience as if you have bought a new cell phone/gadget. His channel is still growing at a very good pace. I liked his recent review of Beats Solo3 wireless.


Marques Brownie:

Marques has close to 900 videos and over 4 million followers. He is from the US. For most of the gadget reviews, I try to watch Marques BrownIee’s videos. He started at a very young age and has slowly risen to be one of the best tech reviewers on Youtube. Just to give you a glance, I’ll include his latest videos on Smartphone awards 2016.



Judner Aura has named his channel to prove that his views are that of an average consumer. But, with close to a million subscribers and almost 500 videos under his belt, he is definitely not an average consumer anymore. But, his gadget reviews to tech advices, his videos are simple, clear,  informative & from an average consumer’s perspective still. His latest video talks about the Best tech gift ideas (Under $100). He has an iPhone 7 plus and a Google Pixel giveaway on his channel together with DetroitBORG. Results to be announced on Jan 8th, 2017. Check out the video below.



Michael Kukielka is the Don LaFontaine of tech Vlogs. He is another unboxing expert and has close to a million subscribers with over 650 videos in his channel. His reviews are thorough and very informative. A great vlog to come before you buy the gadget that you are looking for. He has an iPhone 7 plus and a Google Pixel giveaway on his channel together with UrAvgConsumer. Results to be announced on Jan 8th, 2017. Check out the video below.


DigitalRev TV:

Last but definitely not the least in my list of favorite tech Vlogs is DigitalRev TV. The channel is the most subscribed photography channel of Youtube. Kai Man Wong is very funny and his classic walking through the streets of Hong Kong videos are very entertaining. I used to watch his videos for all my camera related information whether it is the camera, the lenses or for photography lessons. One of my favorite tech channels on Youtube.