5 apps you must have on your iPhone



Hopper is an app that I came across while I was trying to look for the cheapest flight tickets for my trip to Europe. Hopper is not an app that just finds the cheapest flights but one that also will tell you when to buy the tickets. It goes through the data that it has on the particular route and checks if the fare will increase or decrease. If the fare is supposed to go down as per the data, the app would ask you to WAIT. If it says so, you could press the Binoculars to let it monitor the fares. It will notify you when the fares go down eventually. The app has a 95% success rate in its prediction. Buying a ticket with the app is a breeze through as well and it lets you save the passengers and payment info for easier bookings in the future. It was even chosen to be the best travel app in the app store in 2015 by Apple. Its free and ad free. Bon voyage!!!


MOLDIV is my go-to editor for Instagram. A best-in class editor for both amateurs and pros on the iPhone. With 180 filters to 300+ fonts, 560 stickers to more than 90 background patterns, textures and even 100+ magazine style layouts for your collages, the app has everything you’ll need for your photos. One of the intriguing parts of the app is its beauty camera which will help take brilliant selfies. Don’t have an iPhone 7 plus for a portrait picture. Don’t worry. The beauty camera can be adjusted in real time to set the intensity of the beauty effects. This app is a clear winner by far for those Instagram addicts who could post the edited photos directly to Instagram.


BUZZFEED app follows on the footsteps of the Buzzfeed website. Think the name rings a bell. Yes, you can be pretty sure you know this website. They are famous for their numbered lists with articles such as “22 secret thoughts…, 12 amazing Tumblr posts etc.”. The app is simple and intuitive. Its news section provides the latest news from across the world. Unlike the other news apps, Buzzfeed has its own detractors in the form of endless viral content from recipes to Politics to DIY to entertainment and a lot more. The app is just not about text. The app comes with its own video section with so many videos to kill your time. You can even share the stories from within the app. BuzzFeed or Buzzkill – Find out yourself.


Haystack helps to save us from the agony of storing so many business cards. Though, most of the things we use are digital, it is still a common practice to carry around our business cards. Once you scan the business cards using the app, Haystack saves them as a contact on your iPhone with all the details from the card without you having to manually input anything. The best part is that it is completely free and no ads. Hurry up!


How to tie a tie is my partner during my formal attire days. As the name suggests, it is an app which shows to how to tie Neckties, Bow ties, Ascot ties, scarves and even to fold a pocket square. The app even has a mirror option to help you to tie your tie properly.